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My Reusable Watch Template Additional Photos of The Watch Details: All extra details will be added here…..

eLearning For Seniors – what’s it all about?

eLearning is learning online, using your computer, your phone, your Kindle, your TV, or anything that is electronic to teach yourself something new. It could be a new language in preparation for a trip you are taking, cooking classes to prepare your favorite dish, or how to re-tile the bathroom. eLearning is about virtually anything you want it to be. … Read More

What is Affiliate Marketing for Seniors? (the skinny)

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best skills for seniors that there is out there today. In reality anyone can do affiliate marketing. All it takes is dedication and consistency. This post reads for seniors because in order to be dedicated and consistent you need time. Seniors have that time. Affiliate Marketing is: Not as difficult as you think allows … Read More

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